Weekly Featured Talent in Health and Wellness – June 5, 2024

featured talent in health and wellness

Kalon Executive Search & Staffing will find you the right match in any health & wellness sector, including nutrition, beauty, and fitness. Here are our top 4 candidates of the week:

Evelyn – VP Controller

  • Evelyn is a financial leader in the cannabis and food services industries. 
    • She specializes in P&L analysis, budgeting, forecasting, variance analysis, GAAP and large data manipulation (Highly proficient in Hyperion/ESSBASE/PLANNING, Dynamics-DAX, ExactMax, GP, ADP, WURK, TRINET, PAYCHEX, Cultivera, QB, METRC, Tableau, Think – cell, Microsoft office365, Visio).  
  • During her time at 2 cannabis companies, Evelyn led the creation and implementation of effective procedures and systems (Hyperion, Cultivera, DAX, METRC, WURK, etc.) that helped to expedite and facilitate the growth, productivity, quality, and prosperity of the organizations 
  • Evelyn has extensive professional accounting and financial management experience, including implementing and directing every level of operations with a diverse range of successful, complex businesses.  
    • She has worked for large international businesses and small privately held companies, streamlining processes, implementing software, and building solid financial support teams.  
  • Evelyn has designed, implemented, and managed accounting policies, procedures, and internal controls to reduce variable costs and streamline deliverables in accordance with US GAAP, CAN GAAP, and audit requirements.  
  • Evelyn’s degree in Public Accounting has exposed her to many facets of organization and management and has taught her essential critical thinking skills.  
    • She has provided budgeting and financial analysis for multiple departments, managed annual budgets, and performed lease vs. buy analysis for capital improvement projects and equipment acquisitions.  
    • Evelyn provided support and technical accounting guidance to the M&A team in structuring deals and assisted with the M&A due diligence process–she supported the valuation of the company.  
  • Evelyn’s work experience helped her develop excellent communications skills and work effectively with various individuals. 
    • Her goal is to develop, improve and implement processes that save money and time. 
    • She also wants to be a collaborator, work efficiently at challenging tasks, and accomplish everything while getting results. 

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Harland – Director of Manufacturing

  • With a formal education in Molecular Biology, Harland has 10 years of experience in the cannabis industry overseeing manufacturing operations, including cultivation, extraction, packaged flower and concentrates, pre-rolls, vapes, edibles, and water-soluble powders. 
  • Harland was Director of Manufacturing with a contract manufacturer for leading brands in California.  
    • He was responsible for building the on-site manufacturing operation from the ground up. 
    • After the build-out, he continued to oversee all production and operation of the 30K sq. ft. facility with a team of 60+ people. 
  • Harland has strong experience with automated flower packaging and pre-roll / infused pre-role manufacturing machines, including Accelerant, Rolls Pros, Semi-auto Futurola Knock Box, and Actionpak system.  
  • Harland has developed a great compliance understanding and has extensive experience with METRC, and ERP (Distru, Flourish, Seed and Beyond), as well as working with Excel, Google Sheets/Drive. 

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Jenae – Chief Operating Officer

  • Jenae is an accomplished executive and strategic leader with extensive experience in visionary industries, including cannabis, hemp, agriculture, plant science research, food and beverage, quality assurance, and business development. 
    • She excels at navigating diverse operational scales and managing national and global projects. 
    • She has demonstrated expertise in devising strategic and efficient systems, prioritizing dynamic and calculated solutions to enhance operational efficiency, ensure compliance, drive innovation, and uphold exceptional quality standards. 
  • Jenae’s career highlights include improving sales growth through effective oversight of the sales team and securing over 30 new clients within 6 months. 
    • She directed renovations for a 15,000 sq. ft. facility, encompassing cultivation, extraction, kitchen production, packaging, and product development. 
    • She led efforts across cultivation, extraction, and edibles, successfully releasing 10 new SKUs within 1 year. 
    • She assisted the CEO in orchestrating and executing the expansion of national operations while supporting branding initiatives across 15 states. 
    • Additionally, Jenae successfully navigated wholesale and direct marketplace channels to enhance overall reach and impact, prioritizing efforts with partners to ensure quality and genetic consistency. 
    • She also managed internal operations in two states with plans to expand to a third.
  • Jenae is experienced in leading research initiatives for genetic companies, laboratories, universities, contract manufacturers, and cultivators–both nationally and globally. 
    • She is proficient in designing and executing vertically integrated trials, customizing projects to meet unique client needs, and utilizing analytical skills for data-driven optimization while ensuring rigorous compliance and industry standards. 
  • Jenae’s leadership and strategic vision have significantly contributed to the growth and innovation in the industries she serves, making her an asset to any forward-thinking organization. 

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Lana – Sales Professional 

  • Lana is an accomplished sales professional with a robust background in both retail and territory management, making her an excellent candidate for the role of Sales Manager, particularly in environments characterized by long lead times. 
    • Her diverse experience in sales, strategic planning, relationship management, and team leadership has honed her ability to drive sustained growth and exceed sales targets in complex, competitive markets. 
  • As a Territory Manager, Lana demonstrated exceptional sales acumen by developing and implementing strategic sales plans that successfully penetrated untapped markets. 
    • This resulted in significant revenue increases and expanded the customer base in the CT and Upstate NY regions. 
    • Her ability to conduct compelling product demonstrations and educate clients on advanced AED technologies underscores her capability to manage extended sales cycles and complex customer needs. 
  • Lana excels in fostering and maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders, including manufacturers and distributors. 
    • Her proactive approach to staying informed about product developments and competitive offerings enables her to strategically position products in the market, enhancing competitive advantage and driving long-term success. 
  • As a Retail Store Manager, Lana was responsible for the strategic development and implementation of training and support solutions that improved productivity and operations. 
    • Her leadership skills were further evidenced by her ability to build effective teams, enhance employee performance, and create a culture of excellence that consistently met and exceeded sales goals. 
  • Throughout her career, Lana has displayed a remarkable ability to anticipate and address unexpected challenges with innovative solutions. 
    • Her experience in resolving complex employer challenges and improving processes showcases her capacity to adapt to dynamic environments and drive operational efficiency. 
  • Lana is a strategic, results-driven sales professional with a track record of success in managing long lead times, developing effective sales strategies, and building strong, lasting relationships with clients and partners. 
    • Her leadership abilities, combined with her deep understanding of market dynamics and sales processes, make her an ideal candidate for a Sales Manager position, poised to deliver outstanding results and drive sustained growth for your organization. 

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