Weekly Featured Talent in Health and Wellness – June 20, 2024

featured talent in health and wellness

Kalon Executive Search & Staffing will find you the right match in any health & wellness sector, including nutrition, beauty, and fitness. Here are our top 4 candidates of the week:

Danson – VP of Operations

  • Danson is an experienced operations and product development leader with almost a decade in the cannabis space working with all types of product manufacturing. 
  • As Director of Operations with a cannabis company, Danson was instrumental in developing new production processes to bring the company out of startup mode into mature production standards. 
  • At another cannabis business, Danson led the operational design of the business, including equipment, packaging and ingredient sourcing, facility workflows, and phased growth plans around product portfolio and projected sales.  
    • He operationalized business processes, systems, and structures, including sourcing/purchasing, HR, finance, and quality assurance. 
  • In his current position as a consultant with a cannabis extracts company, Danson was brought on to strategically re-map a product portfolio for a top-10 brand.  
    • He is responsible for strategic planning, market analysis, brand alignment, and bringing costs and cogs under control. 
  • With a degree in Biochemistry, Danson has extensive hands-on R&D and Product Development experience with Algae extraction for Nutraceuticals and Food Manufacturing and is certified in cGMP standards. 


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Erik – Research & Development Leader

  • Erik is a preeminent research and development leader with over 30 years of experience driving innovation from concept to commercialization in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries. 
    • His pioneering research, coupled with their ability to translate scientific breakthroughs into commercially successful products, has solidified their reputation as a preeminent research and development expert, driving transformative innovation in the industry. 
    • His multidisciplinary academic background, coupled with extensive practical expertise, has enabled them to spearhead cutting-edge product development initiatives. 
    • Erik holds a Ph.D. in Polymer Science and a B.S. in Nutrition, complemented by certifications in Project Management, and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. 
    • He’s also a Certified Food Scientist. 

Notable Achievements: 

  • Erik published 36 peer-reviewed scientific articles, 2 book chapters, and secured six granted patents generating over $20 million in annual revenue, demonstrating excellence in functional ingredient characterization, interaction, and process optimization. 
  • Erik successfully launched over 30 market-leading products, generating over $100 million in profits, leveraging expertise in functional ingredient delivery and applications. 
  • Erik has rich experience in building and scaling laboratory, pilot, and production capacities, enabling a seamless transition from research to commercial manufacturing. 
  • Erik established a strong network of over 600 global partnerships in related industries, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing. 
    • He has outstanding leadership abilities, building and mentoring teams of over 60 scientists across 3 continents and 4 countries, nurturing talent and driving innovation. 
  • Erik has excellent communication skills, delivering over 20 presentations at international symposiums, conferences, and seminars, and chairing 10 sessions, positioning them as a thought leader in the field. 


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Lori – Creative Director

  • Lori is a highly accomplished Creative Director with over 15 years of experience in the beauty industry and freelance design. 
    • As the Founder and Freelance Art Director of a design studio, she has led brand identity, packaging, and marketing collateral projects for both large beauty brands and boutique startups, establishing brand guidelines and unique style languages. 

Notable achievements:

  • Global Brand Management: Lori oversaw the creative direction for global brands across 100+ countries, including globally recognized clients. She successfully rebranded multiple product lines and launched products for US and international markets. 
  • 360 Campaigns: She developed integrated marketing campaigns connecting in-store, online, social, email, podcast, digital, and outside advertising, ensuring brand consistency. 
  • Creative Leadership: Lori managed and mentored junior designers and freelancers, directed photoshoots, and collaborated with cross-functional teams to achieve strategic goals. 
  • Award-Winning Design: Her work has been recognized with awards such as the Baltimore Advertising Association Addy Award and exhibitions at prestigious venues like MOMA and the Lithuanian Art Show in Santa Monica. 
  • Lori holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) and an A.A.S. in Fine Arts from Kaunas Applied Art School. 
    • Her technical skills include Adobe CC, HTML, WordPress, UI/UX design, and project management. 


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Karol – Marketing Professional

  • Karol is a dynamic marketing professional with experience in brand management, marketing strategy, and project management. 
    • With a passion for the wellbeing industry, she has dedicated years to coaching group fitness classes part-time and is a certified health coach through IIN. 
  • Karol is scrappy and hungry to learn and grow alongside a growing company, consistently demonstrating her ability to thrive when faced with difficult problems. 
  • Currently, as a Marketing Manager at a famous tourist attraction, Karol leads multi-pronged marketing efforts that contributed to exceeding projected revenue and visitation goals in 2023. 
    • She plans and executes 10+ GTM campaigns annually, along with strategic brand partnerships, overseeing paid media strategy, marketing collateral creation, and event planning. 
  • Karol is proud of her recent innovative creation of a new revenue stream at the tourist attraction, a Behind the Scenes Tour, which has boosted weekly EBITDA by approximately 1.4%. 
  • Karol excels in data-driven decision-making and problem-solving and is eager to learn and grow with a forward-thinking company. 
    • She is seeking a role where she can leverage her extensive experience and passion for health and wellness to drive success. 


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