Expert Health and Wellness Recruiting

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Health and Wellness Industry Executive Search

Fractional executives are experts at the C-Suite level who can work for your health and wellness business part time. Schedule them only when you need them, scaling up or down as needed. Your company will save money while gaining the knowledge and mentorship of an expert with diverse industry experience.

Temporary Staffing in Health and Wellness

If your health and wellness business needs temporary support, we have the temps you need. From entry-level talent to more experienced workers and consultants, we have a deep pool of professionals. Use temporary staffing for projects, seasonal support, filling in gaps, or leaves of absence.

CPG Professionals in the Health and Wellness Industry

Our commitment to delivering exceptional staffing solutions in the health and wellness CPG sector is unwavering. With our focused approach and a deep understanding of the industry’s dynamics, we aim to empower your organization with a passionate workforce. We place a variety of CPG positions, including supply chain manager, product development manager, and quality assurance manager. Kalon Staffing also does placements of the entire C-Suite, including CEO, COO, CFO, and CTO roles.