Health & Wellness Jobs Available Right Now

Our staffing team is here to help you find your place in the space. There are a variety of wellness-related jobs available in the industry right now. Find the work you love to do. Check out our job board for the latest opportunities.

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, Remote
Are you an experienced recruiter interested in the health and wellness industry? Are you looking for a remote opportunity with a great team? Kalon
Los Angeles, CA
Our client, a natural product for daily wellness company is seeking an Controller for their Los Angeles based operation.  The Plant Controller establishes financial
South Windsor, CT
A leader in the commercial building sector seeks a Sales Manager. Reporting directly to the Director of Sales, you'll oversee the day-to-day operations of
Miami, FL
Our client, a well-established health and wellness company, is seeking a General Manager to lead the State of Florida. The General Manager will drive
Chicago, IL
Our client, a vertically integrated operator of licensed cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and retail facilities is looking for a Marketing Manager to manage all marketing strategy and
Seattle, WA
Our client, a premier health and wellness company with popular products, is seeking a Director of Sales with a proven track record leading a
Austin, TX
Our client, a category-leading health and wellness products company, is seeking an Operations Manager to oversee their operations in Austin, TX . As Operations
Dallas, TX
Our client, a leading manufacturer in the health and wellness industry, is currently seeking a Warehouse Manager to oversee warehouse operations in Dallas TX.
Los Angeles, CA
Our client, a fast-growing health and wellness company is searching for a Graphic Designer responsible for digital content design and creation with an amazing
Our client, a consumer beauty and lifestyle company is looking for a Vice President of Finance. This is a remote position where the role will
Our client, a curator of health and wellness products is seeking an Accounting Manager.  This is a fully remote position. The Accounting Manager establishes

Jobs in Health and Wellness

We help people find careers in helping people. There are many health and wellness jobs across a variety of sectors, including fitness, nutrition, beauty, and holistic wellness. Check out our health and wellness job board for the latest opportunities.

Finding the Best Health & Wellness Jobs

Embarking on a journey to find the most rewarding Health & Wellness jobs? Your search ends here! The Health & Wellness industry is thriving with diverse opportunities, and we are your gateway to discovering the best positions tailored to your skills and passions. We bring you a comprehensive platform where exceptional opportunities abound. Whether you’re passionate about contributing to the well-being of others or eager to explore the dynamic landscape of Health & Wellness, our curated job board is made to connect you with top-notch employers. Get ready to explore and elevate your career in the Health & Wellness industry with us.

A Mini Guide to Health and Wellness Jobs

The Health and Wellness industry has plenty of job opportunities. There are a number sectors within the industry. So, however you want to help people live healthy, happy lives, there’s a place for you. Health & Wellness jobs are usually in a few different areas. Here are some of the major sectors:

Fitness and Exercise:

  • Encompasses gyms, fitness studios, personal training, and exercise equipment
  • Focuses on physical activities aimed at improving cardiovascular health, strength, flexibility, and overall fitness


  • Involves dietary guidance, nutritional supplements, weight loss programs, and healthy eating initiatives
  • Aims to optimize nutrition for individuals to achieve and maintain a healthy weight

Beauty and Anti-Aging:

  • Includes skincare, beauty treatments, and anti-aging products and services
  • Emphasizes both physical appearance and holistic well-being

Holistic Wellness:

  • Takes a comprehensive approach to well-being, considering physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects
  • Integrates practices like yoga, meditation, and mindfulness into daily life

Fitness Industry Jobs

Getting a job in the fitness industry can be a fulfilling journey with the right approach. First, identify your passion within the field. Whether it’s personal training, nutrition, or management. Once you’ve pinpointed your interest, invest in relevant education and certifications to boost your credibility. Gain practical experience through internships, volunteer work, or part-time positions, and use these opportunities to build a strong foundation. Networking is crucial – attend industry events, connect with professionals, and seek mentorship. Craft a compelling resume highlighting your skills. And tailor it to the specific role you’re pursuing. Establish an online presence on platforms like LinkedIn to showcase your passion and expertise. Stay persistent, be open to diverse opportunities, and continuously update your knowledge to stand out in the competitive fitness job market.

To secure a job in the fitness industry, leverage your practical experience and network connections. Actively apply for positions aligning with your skills and interests. During interviews, demonstrate your knowledge of the company and articulate how your strengths meet their needs. Be open to diverse opportunities initially, as they can lead to unexpected but rewarding experiences. Stay persistent in your job search, learn about industry trends, and be adaptable. With dedication and a strategic approach, you can land a rewarding job in the dynamic and thriving fitness industry.

Jobs in the Nutrition Industry

Embarking on a career in the nutrition industry can be a rewarding journey with a thoughtful approach. Begin by obtaining the necessary education and certifications in nutrition or dietetics. Practical experience is invaluable, so consider internships, volunteer work, or entry-level positions in nutrition-related roles to enhance your skills. Networking is key. Connect with professionals in the nutrition field, attend industry events, and seek mentorship. Craft a targeted resume emphasizing your education, certifications, and relevant experiences. Establish an online presence on platforms like LinkedIn to showcase your passion for nutrition and connect with potential employers. Stay updated on industry trends and advancements to show commitment and interest in nutrition.

To secure a job in the nutrition industry, actively apply to positions that align with your expertise and interests. During interviews, showcase your knowledge of nutrition principles and your understanding of the specific needs of the company. Be open to diverse opportunities within the nutrition field. This can broaden your experience and lead to unexpected career paths. Persistence is key, so stay committed to your job search. Continuously update your knowledge base and adapt to the evolving landscape of nutrition. With a proactive and informed approach, you can carve a meaningful and impactful career in the nutrition industry.

Jobs in the Beauty Industry

Securing a job in the beauty industry is an exciting journey. Start by enrolling in relevant beauty courses or obtaining certifications in areas such as skincare, beauty treatments, or cosmetology. Also, consider internships, apprenticeships, or entry-level positions to refine your techniques and build a portfolio. Networking within the beauty community is crucial. Attend beauty events, connect with professionals, and seek mentorship opportunities. Craft a compelling resume that highlights your skills, certifications, and any relevant experiences. Establish a strong online presence, showcasing your work on platforms like Instagram or TikTok. Stay updated on new techniques and products, as well.

Apply for positions that resonate with your skills and interests. Articulate your knowledge during interviews, emphasizing your understanding of the company’s aesthetic and customer needs. Be open to diverse opportunities within the beauty sector, as they can broaden your experience and lead to rewarding career paths. Persistence is key. So, stay dedicated to your job search, refine your skills, and adapt to emerging trends in the beauty industry. With a proactive and informed approach, you can carve a successful and fulfilling career in the vibrant world of beauty.

Jobs in Wellness

Building a career in the wellness industry involves strategic steps. Identify your specific interest, get relevant certifications, and gain practical experience through internships. Network, attend wellness events, and seek mentorship for industry connections. Craft a targeted resume and establish an online presence on platforms like LinkedIn.

To thrive in the wellness industry, apply for positions aligned with your expertise and interests. During interviews, prove your understanding of wellness principles and how your skills contribute to the specific needs of the company. Also, be open to diverse opportunities within the wellness sector. They can provide valuable experiences and lead to unexpected career paths. Persistence is essential, so stay dedicated to your job search. Always look to enhance your skills and adapt to emerging trends in wellness. With a proactive approach and ongoing commitment to learning, you can build a successful and rewarding career in the world of wellness.