Weekly Featured Talent in Health and Wellness – July 10, 2024

Kalon Executive Search & Staffing will find you the right match in any health & wellness sector, including nutrition, beauty, and fitness. Here are our top 4 candidates of the week:

Aaron – Brand Manager

  • Aaron is a seasoned professional with 7+ years of experience in the health and wellness industry.
  • In his role at a tech company, Aaron is responsible for building and supporting the ongoing company product roadmap, launching over 50 SKUs, and working closely with the oversees engineering and development teams.
  • During his time at a premier nutrients company, Aaron managed all aspects of the brand while vetting numerous co-packers, distributors, packaging vendors, and cannabis farms.
    • He was responsible for tracking the competitor landscape and market regularly through online resources.
  • Aaron is open to relocation and is available for interviews today.


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Brandon – International Business Strategist

  • Brandon is an international business strategist and sales executive with 12+ years of experience in global market expansion, international retail brand development, and international channel management.
  • Brandon has a proven track record of driving significant revenue growth and market penetration across 110 countries.
    • He is an expert in creating strategic partnerships, navigating international trade regulations, and leading high-performance teams.
    • He is a holder of an MBA in International Business.
    • He is open to relocation if needed, and is open to heavy travel.
  • Brandon has 12+ years of experience in international sales, marketing, and business development.
    • He has 12+ years of experience helping major health & beauty ingredient companies.
    • He has 12+ years of international sales and market development experience across multiple industries.
  • Brandon is fluent in 6 languages (French, English, Italian, German, Spanish, and Afrikaans) and experienced in cross-cultural negotiation and communication.
    • He can manage multiple international markets, develop global strategies, and oversee P&L management.
    • He has a proven track record of leading multinational teams and managing global partnerships.
  • Brandon handled International product registration/regulatory and worked closely with FDA, Health Canada, KFDA, FTC, FFDCA, FPLA, etc.
    • He has over 12 years of experience in managing international P&Ls, budgeting, and financial forecasting.
    • He has a diversified portfolio in the health & beauty industry: supplements to hair, skincare, cosmetics, makeup, anti-aging tools, stem cells, etc.
    • Also, he has demonstrated ability to adapt sales and marketing strategies to various international markets


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Karol – Marketing Professional

  • Karol is a dynamic marketing professional with experience in brand management, marketing strategy, and project management.
    • With a passion for the wellbeing industry, she has dedicated years to coaching group fitness classes part-time and is a certified health coach through IIN.
  • Karol is scrappy and hungry to learn and grow alongside a growing company, consistently demonstrating her ability to thrive when faced with difficult problems.
  • Currently, as a Marketing Manager at a famous tourist attraction, Karol leads multi-pronged marketing efforts that contributed to exceeding projected revenue and visitation goals in 2023.
    • She plans and executes 10+ GTM campaigns annually, along with strategic brand partnerships, overseeing paid media strategy, marketing collateral creation, and event planning.
  • Karol is proud of her recent innovative creation of a new revenue stream at the tourist attraction, a Behind the Scenes Tour, which has boosted weekly EBITDA by approximately 1.4%.
  • Karol excels in data-driven decision-making and problem-solving and is eager to learn and grow with a forward-thinking company.
    • She is seeking a role where she can leverage her extensive experience and passion for health and wellness to drive success.


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Vanessa – VP of R&D

  • As an experienced R&D executive, innovator, researcher and people leader, Vanessa has a passion for driving innovation to impact health positively.
  • With extensive experience at academic and medical institutions, the food industry, and startups, Vanessa is experienced in strategy and implementation, scouting and idea generation, preclinical & clinical research, scientific & external affairs, and customer engagement.
    • She has a proven track record of launching new products in food, food ingredients, biotech, and dietary supplements.
  • Vanessa brings a clear and strong skill set in translating complex science concepts to various audiences including internal and external stakeholders, innovation partners, and investors with a keen consumer health focus.
  • Most recently, Vanessa served as the VP of Food Innovation.
    • The Food Innovation group supported both R&D and commercial activities by connecting composition, functionality, nutrition, and sensory to genetics while launching new ingredients into 5 markets
  • Vanessa has been the Science Fellow and Global R&D leader for a specialized nutrition co. with a focus on strategy, technical and market readiness for pediatric nutrition, and medical nutrition.
    • She has had responsibility for research strategy and execution (protein business), science translation & influencer engagement across the health science portfolio (probiotics, fiber, and proteins), and technology and innovation efforts for the Human Milk Oligosaccharide (HMO) platform.
  • Vanessa is seeking a role where she can have an impact at the intersection of R&D and commercialization.


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