Weekly Featured Talent in Health and Wellness – April 11, 2024

featured talent in health and wellness

Kalon Executive Search & Staffing will find you the right match in any health & wellness sector, including nutrition, beauty, and fitness. Here are our top 4 candidates of the week:

Exton – CEO

  • Exton, a seasoned C-suite executive with a distinguished career at several top-tier businesses, excels in transformative change and delivering exceptional results globally. 
    • She led revenue growth, including a 15x increase to $50 million in the product category. 
  • Exton turned around a nutraceutical company, reversing a 200% EBITDA loss to 20% profitability. 
    • She built high-performance cultures, increasing operational efficiency and profitability. 
  • Exton negotiated supply agreements, reducing costs and boosting profitability. 
    • She tripled revenue to $15 million in 6 months in Central America. 
    • She launched 500+ products globally, generating over $1 billion in new revenues. 

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David – Sales Professional

  • David is a highly experienced sales professional with an extensive and diversified background in the life sciences.  
    • He brought growth and profits to each of his roles in the past 12 years of his professional career and is a supreme advocate for health, life science, and well-being.  
    • Since graduating from USC with a bachelor’s in human biology, David has combined his science degree and sales skills to be a constant sales champion in each of his roles.  
    • He is a major advocate for health, life science, and longevity. 
  • David has generated over 20 cold clients to repeat order clients in the first year of his current role and brought in over $1.2M in total sales for his current role selling lab consumables to universities, research centers, biotech companies, and the like-many of which are interloped with this industry. 
  • David grew his territory by a minimum of 100% at each of the sales roles he has taken, continuously earning awards and recognitions for his success, such as the coveted President’s Club award at a top-tier pharmaceuticals company, given only to the top 12 representatives in the nation out of 500 sales representatives.  
  • David understands his territory comprehensively and is very well connected in his networks, especially in Southern California.  
    • With over 10 years of experience in B2B sales, pharmaceutical sales, and biotech sales, he is an ideal candidate.
    • In addition, he has successful experience helping to launch brand new products to market and continuously ranks amongst top sales leaders.  
    • He can handle a diversified range of responsibilities, including leading an effective sales team.  


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Shain – Sr. Sales Leader

  • Shain has been a dynamic Senior Sales Leader in the cannabis space for 5+ years and has developed strong business contacts. 
  • Shain increased retail sales by 3,600% within the 1st year at his current position at a premier cannabis business while building numerous sales opportunities that include direct retail, e-commerce, distribution, and wholesale channels.  
    • He also has spent the last 5 years in the cannabis industry building brands and operations to support the brands while managing teams to grow business units into multimillion-dollar revenue streams.  
  • Shain brings a wealth of skill sets to the wellness industry, having been involved at the grassroots level in cannabis, creating consumer goods packaging, supply chains, inventory management, and logistics. 
    • He creates SOPs, pitch decks, pricing, sales forecasting, and planning, manages budgets and P&Ls, secures strategic partnerships, establishes sales quotas, measures sales pipelines, manages brand ambassadors, marketing, and PADs, secures investor funding, and more.  
  • Shain spent more than two decades in executive-level roles, managing sales teams regionally and nationally within complex sales environments. 


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Shaun – VP of Global Sales

  • Shaun is an accomplished Vice President with extensive experience leading sales, development & maintenance for key global accounts for ingredients, nutrition brands, and CPG companies.  
    • In addition to key account management, he is a natural “hunter”, and his new business acquisition abilities remain accessible when needed. 
  • Shaun has diverse experience in engaging with key stakeholders from the commercial/operational side and the technical/science audience. 
  • Shaun’s professional experience within the nutra/supplement space ranges across the full value chain; at the ingredient level, as a CDMO, and as a CPG brand owner.  
    • Because of this, he understands the needs and pain points of almost all key functions in these sectors. 
  • Shaun also has experience launching a company from the ground up (CPG brand) and managing commercial responsibilities of spinning out an organization to a new entity (ingredient supplier/CDMO-level). 
  • Shaun has led, negotiated, and fully executed numerous global sales contracts/supply agreements with leading firms within the dietary supplement and nutraceutical industry.  
    • He worked with several big-name clients.  

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