Fitness Gifts for Men – Holiday Gift Guide

men's fitness gift guide

The right fitness gear can help you exercise more efficiently to achieve or even exceed your potential in whatever realm you break a sweat in. During the holidays, there are plenty of deals on quality men’s fitness gear. Whether you’re shopping for some upgrades for yourself or grabbing some gifts for your workout buddies, we have you covered. Take a look at some of the best deals and products in our fitness gifts for men gift guide.  


Aer men's duffel gym bag

Aer Gym Duffel 3  

The Aer Gym Duffel 3 is one of the best gym bags for any workout or sports enthusiast. It has spacious, ventilated storage, versatile compartments for organization, and is made with quality materials that last. The duffel has a tough 1680D Cordura ballistic nylon exterior, Duraflex plastic hardware, and YKK zippers. The interior liner has a convenient antimicrobial coating, which controls bacteria odors and growth. It has everything you need in a gym duffel and everything you didn’t think about. Grab one today! 

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AG1 supplement

AG1 Daily Supplement  

Make covering your nutritional gaps easy with AG1’s comprehensive blend of nutrients. All you need is one scoop per day mixed with 8 oz of cold water. It has multivitamins, multimineral, stress adaptogens, prebiotics, probiotics, antioxidants, superfoods, functional mushrooms, and digestive enzymes. It’s also third-party certified and trusted by leading doctors and scientists. And it tastes amazing! Gift the AG1 Welcome Kit today! 

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Egg Weights boxing

Egg Weights 

Made with high-density stainless steel and comfortable high-traction grips, Egg Weights will amplify your workout whether it’s boxing, running, or yoga. According to lab testing, they help you burn 30-60% more calories. These weights are simplicity perfected. The American-made Egg Weights also come with a Lifetime Warranty on metal and 1 Year Warranty on grips. Gift a few pairs today to the athletes on your list.  

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G-SHOCK men's fitness tracker

G-SHOCK Move Multi-Sport Watch 

G-SHOCK made a fitness tracker, multi-sport watch and it’s the perfect men’s fitness gift. It’s packing a heart rate monitor, GPS, optical sensors for heart rate measurements, step counter, a gyroscope to boost your swimming sessions, and more. It’s also rechargeable through a USB or solar and has a Bio-based resin band to help reduce the carbon footprint. If you’re looking to gift the ultimate sports watch, this is it.  

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GO RUCK weighted vest

GORUCK Ruck Plate Carrier 3.0 

Weighted vests increase the intensity of your workouts, but they don’t allow for natural stability. The Go Ruck Ruck Plate Carrier 3.0 is built to be worn on your back, so you can breathe more efficiently. It includes a padded plate pocket, ergonomic lumbar padding, non-abrasive fabric, and more to ensure an intense, but safe workout. GORUCK is an American brand with Special Forces roots—they donate 1% of their annual top-line revenue to non-profit partners who support military, Veterans, First Responders, teachers, social workers, military spouses and more. Get one of the best-made plate carriers today for yourself or as a gift.  

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Hayabusa boxing shoes

Hayabusa Talon Boxing Shoes 

Slip, duck, counter, and jab your way to victory with Haybusa’s Talon Boxing Shoes. Whether you’ve been racking up rounds in the ring or you’re just beginning, these shoes will help you push yourself to greater heights. With airflow tech, a locked-in fit, and anchored traction soles, these shoes are a W all the way. Not to mention, they are not lost on style. Grab a pair for yourself or gift one to a boxing buddy.  

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MUD WTR mushroom coffee

MUD WTR Rise Cacao Morning Ritual Starter Kit 

Gain focus, energy, and an immunity boost with MUD WTR Rise Cacao. The mushroom-based coffee replacement helps you start your day the right way without the jitters. What does it taste like? MUD WTR’s description: “Hints of cacao melt into earthy chai and tastes like your mug of hot cocoa met a chai latte and they had a baby.” And it has ingredients chosen to boost your energy and focus while supporting your health, including Reishi, Lion’s mane, Chaga, Cordyceps, and Turmeric. Without a doubt, this is one of the best fitness gift’s for men who want an alternative to coffee.   

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Oliver's men's fitness hoodie

Olivers Pursuit Pullover Hoodie  

If you’re looking for men’s fitness gifts for guys who love the outdoors, Olivers Pursuit Pullover Hoodie is a winner. For comfort and performance, the hoodie is made with Cotton, Merino Wool, and Elastane. It’s a hoodie that’s made for movement, whether you’re jogging around the neighborhood, going on a hike, or heading to the gym to go after your PR. With a minimalist design and maximum quality, the pullover hoodie is ace apparel. Get one or gift one today.  

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Pickleball racket

Rally Tyro 2 Pickleball Paddle 

Pickleball has grown in popularity and for good reason. It improves heart rate and balance, as well as prevents osteoporosis. If you know someone who is a pickleball player, the Rally Tyro 2 paddle is perfect for all-around play. The lightweight, durable 7-ply alternating grain wood paddle will ensure you get into the swing of things. And the brand provides a 1-year warranty and 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Get these paddles today so they come in time for the holidays!    

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Rogue fitness jump rope

Rogue SR-2S Speed Rope 3.0  

Skipping rope is a fantastic exercise, whether you’re a fighter or just looking for efficient cardio. The Rogue SR-2S Speed Rope 3.0 is one of the best fitness gifts for men who want to stay on their toes. It’s a handcrafted, ballistic bearing rope with a lightweight aluminum head and high-speed oil, making it a long-lasting, easy-to-use piece of equipment. Grab one as a gift and help them skip smoothly.  

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RVCA men's fitness shorts

RVCA Yogger Stretch Athletic Shorts 

Made from stretch polyester and featuring an Elastic Waist drawcord waist, these shorts are perfect for most workouts. They also feature a scalloped hem, vents, and pockets throughout—all the essentials for ideal exercise shorts. These shorts come in various colors and designs. Stay mobile and comfy with RVCA’s 4-way-stretch Yogger shorts.  

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Whoop 4.0 wearabl health monitor

Whoop 4.0

For those on your holiday list who want to take fitness to the next level, Whoop 4.0 will do just that. This wearable fitness device provides custom performance coaching based on your data, which includes sleep, strain, health, and recovery. With this device, you can truly unlock your health and fitness potential. The professional-grade wearable tech is also backed by doctors and elite athletes. Consider gifting this amazing piece of fitness tech for the holidays!

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YETI fitness plastic water bottle

YETI Yonder Water Bottle  

YETI is typically known for their durable metal water bottles. However, they’ve made a plastic version that is light enough to carry for longer adventures into the backcountry. It is 100% leakproof, BPA-free, made with 50% recycled plastic, and is 50% lighter than their famous Rambler bottle. Grab one for the person on your holiday gift list that gets their exercise outdoors.  

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